Welcome to MindBodyHair, an urban oasis in the Bronx™!

MindBodyHair is a place where stress reduction and relaxation are not regarded as luxuries, but as the necessities they are...
A place where you are pampered, nourished, rejuvenated ... close to home and affordable.
Welcome to an oasis for the mind...body...hair.

• About MindBodyHair

During these times of constant and daily stress, overcrowded environments, and increased responsibilities, the investment in personal care is more of a necessity, rather than a luxury afforded only to the most affluent.

MindBodyHair is currently a full-service hair salon, offering a wide array of services to both women and men of discerning taste. MindBodyHair will soon expand in order to offer day spa services, as well as mind/body programs.

MindBodyHair's name represents its key mission – a wellness salon focusing on the mind, body, & hair.

Ebony Hayes, a New York State-licensed cosmetologist with more than 10 years of experience, conceived MindBodyHair in 2001. Ms. Hayes' 3-year specialization in client preparatory services revealed to her the need to address the daily stress faced by her clients.

Ms. Hayes' vision is to provide unparalleled service to the patrons of MindBodyHair in a relaxing, environmentally friendly atmosphere—Manhattan amenities—conveniently located in the Bronx.

• MindBodyHair's Founder: Ebony Hayes

Ebony Hayes, the founder of MindBodyHair, a cutting-edge salon in the Bronx that offers an array of services to both men and women of discerning taste, is a licensed-cosmetologist and licensed-barber as well as the go-to loctician in the New York area. A maven of natural hair, Hayes is proficient at executing looks that feel fresh and revitalized with a few seriously skilled tweaks that can turn unruly hair into a stylish, versatile creation. Her signature hairstyling, which features two-strand twists, loc updos, and braids showcase the regal beauty of natural hair, and her gift for treating long flowing locks has kept her shop's daily appointment books crammed with clients.

"It's all about making people feel good about themselves through their hair," Hayes says, of her work. "You know how you go to the salon and you get that perfect cut, and you step out of the shop and it's like, 'Okay, what's my next challenge?' Whatever it is you feel like you can handle it a little better because you look good. That's my goal."

When working with clients, Hayes takes into account the individual's needs, lifestyle and unique idiosyncrasies, such as uneven growth patterns and textures. Hair care is extremely important to Hayes, who only uses treatments, techniques and products that enrich the tresses. She also provides valuable tips on hair care.

The result is great-looking hair tailored specifically for you. Hayes does precision cutting and styling and — for men and women who "never want to go gray " — she colors too. The majority of her New York area clients are mature professionals (successful doctors, nurses, reverends and school administration workers), many of whom come for the expert hair care, but also savor the serene ambiance of shop. The slogan for MindBodyHair is "an urban oasis in the Bronx."

Born and raised in the Bronx the youngest of 11 children, Hayes grew up plaiting her dolls' hair but never dreamed of becoming a beautician until much later. She earned her cosmetology license in 1996 from the Bronx Beauty School, her barber license from the American Barber Institute, and attended Baruch College in Manhattan, where she majored in business management while interning for leading hairstylist/educator John Atchison. For the next seven years, she worked as an assistant and then head stylist at Turning Heads salon in Harlem, before leaving to start her own business. For a few years, Hayes continued to build her clientele by doing hair out of an apartment in the Bronx. Then in 2005 she opened the doors to MindBodyHair. In the past five years, her shop has grown from 150 individual clients to nearly 500.

Hayes combines an innate talent with rigorous discipline to stay current. She has trained with recognized companies such as Logics, Mizani and Paul Mitchell, and completed the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Toronto. Today, she is a successful business owner and in-demand stylist whose gorgeous looks have gone from turning heads on the street to gracing the pages of national publications, like Sophisticate Black Hair and Beauty & Braids.

• Mission Statement

MindBodyHair's mission is to provide natural and innovative services, of the highest level of quality, to improve the way people care for their appearance and inner selves—as a whole. We believe our first responsibility is to our clientele who support MindBodyHair, to our employees, and to the communities from which they come. In carrying out our day-to-day business we strive to:

• Follow the philosophy that our customers are the reason we are in business and our primary goal is to help our customers feel and look their best. We are committed to offering outstanding professional services in a relaxing and soothing environment. We do our utmost to educate our customers about their hair, skin, nails, and spirit.

• Treat our employees with dignity and respect to elevate them to be the best in the industry and the community. We will continue to emphasize professional training and personal development. Our goal is to prepare cosmetologists, barbers, masseuses, and other MindBodyHair employees with technical, management, and communications skills, which may be transferred to other areas of their professional and personal lives.

• Be a positive influence in our community. We will impact the community by providing special discount days for seniors, as well as providing jobs for people within our community. We are an integral part of the community and will do our part to revive and sustain its inhabitants.

Through a long-term commitment to this mission, we will be known as a company that pampers, educates, and advises our clients about personal positive life-style changes (mind), self-care (body), and grooming (hair). Our goal at MindBodyHair is to take all three of these aspects of life and improve on them.

We aspire to be "an urban oasis in the Bronx ™..."