Question: What can I do to grow out my relaxer?
Answer: The quickest and easiest way to grow out your relaxer is to simply cut off the relaxed sections.  Understandably, some women cannot handle such a drastic change in appearance.  Fortunately, a few other alternatives exist. One suggestion is to don braids, which make the grow-out period more bearable.  With braids, an inch of the relaxer can be gradually cut off every 4 weeks or so. Another alternative is the two-strand twist. This flexible style can be applied to the hair while it is in transition from chemically treated to natural.

Some work situations may not permit the above alternatives. Everyone’s situation and needs are unique. Schedule a consultation with MindBodyHair to discuss your particular needs during the transition period.

Question: Can I loc my hair while it is relaxed?
Answer: No, when the hair is relaxed all of the texture is removed, making the hair too straight to hold or bond together when twisted. But hair may be styled in a natural manner.

Question: Do I have to cut my hair in order to loc it?
Answer: Yes, the relaxed hair must be cut off. Relaxed hair since it lacks texture will not loc. If the hair is natural, you can begin the locing process with as little as one and a half inches of length.

Question: How long will it take for my hair to loc?
Answer: Depending on your hair texture, the process could range from 3 months up to a year.

Question: How often should my locs be groomed?
Answer: Individuals vary in the way that they want their hair to look.  On average, most loc wears groom their hair every 4 weeks.  However, dermatologists suggest that the hair should be shampooed at least every 2-3 weeks.

Question: How soon after my hair locs can I shampoo it?
Answer: This also varies depending on individual texture.  Many stylists delay giving the first shampoo until 4 weeks after coiling the hair. According to dermatologist, a regular shampoo is essential to good scalp health, and, indirectly, cleaner and clearer skin.  At MindBodyHair regular shampoos are given when the stylist feels that the hair can hold up to a shampoo. If the hair is unable to withstand a regular shampoo, you will receive a “dry shampoo” in which the scalp is thoroughly cleansed without water.

Question: Is hair locing the only natural hair technique serviced at MindBodyHair?
Answer: MindBodyHair also serves braiding, twisting, and styling of your natural hair. Please visit our services page for the latest updates.