• Shampoo & Conditioner

Description: A luxurious, massaging shampoo customized to your hair's needs. This deep cleansing shampoo is followed by a wonderful conditioning treatment. The treatment consists of natural oils and/or either a protein or moisturizing conditioner remedy determined by your stylist to best suit your hair needs.

Price: $15

• Shampoo & Steam Treatment

Description: The steam treatment is the same process as the shampoo & conditioner and afterwards the hair and scalp will enjoy a deep steam infused with herbs.

Price: $30

• Wash & Set

Price: $30 & Up

• Wash & Set with Steam

Price: $40 & Up

• Affirm

Price: touch ups $60

• Virgin Hair
   Price: $60 & Up

• Coils, Two-Strand Twists, and Starter Locs

Description: Coils are tight, single twists. Two-strand twists are done with two pieces of natural hair twisted together to give a rope like appearance. The Shampoo & Conditioner treatment is included.

Price: $95 & Up

• Loc Maintenance

Description: Each visit, your stylist will assess the condition of your hair and discuss any new developments since your last visit. At MindBodyHair, we want to achieve your goals and those goals may change.
After the assessment, your hair is shampooed & conditioned. Afterwards, your hair is palm rolled, moisturized, and groomed as needed.

Price: Starting at $75

• Loc Styling

Description: The way you wear your locs is a unique expression of you that reveals your creativity and mood. Each style performed at MindBodyHair represents the vision of you and your stylist. We are not done until you are completely satisfied!

Price: Starting at $15

• Press & Curl

Price: $35 & Up

• Braids

Description: Individual and cornrow styles with additional hair or your own hair. If using additional hair, you provide the supply, which may be obtained from local beauty supply stores. Contact us for a free consultation about purchased hair textures and styles.

Price: $35 per hour

• Precision Cutting

Price: $45

• Color Services

Description: MindBodyHair offers an array of coloring services. Prices vary with the technique desired. A stylist consultation is required prior to all coloring services.

Permanent/Single Process Color
Price: starting at $35

Price: starting at $35

Double process
Price: starting at $40

Highlights & Color correction Price: Consultation required

• Children's Services (Ages 5 – 7)

Description: A modified shampoo & conditioner treatment (see the description above) is performed with a natural oil application to the scalp. After moisturizing, the hair is braided using the child's own hair. For coils, twist and loc maintence please call to schedule a consultation.

Price: $35

• Basic Manicure

Description: Using the highest quality products we groom your nails, cuticles and skin. The basic manicure starts with nail trimming and shaping. Fingers are soaked and cuticles are softened in an effervescent bath and cuticles are tended to. A lotion massage nourishes the skin and makes hands feel like butter. Finally nails are evaluated for a nail strengthener. And if chosen, lacquer is topped off to finalize this manicure. (Allow 20 minutes for this service.)

Price: $20

• Basic Pedicure

Description: Just like the basic manicure, but on your feet. In addition, we'll evaluate your feet and address any problem areas- like dry skin or callus. (Allow 30 minutes for this service.)

Price: $35

• Basic Manicure & Pedicure

(Allow 1hr for this service.)

Price: $45

• Manicure of the Month

Description: This manicure has all the benefits of the basic manicure but even better. The manicure of the month has a different theme every month. Rose petals in the water, sea salt scrubs, herbal wraps you never know what extra luxuries this manicure will entail. The manicure of the month is the perfect antidote for less than lustrous hands, hands that are tired, overworked hands, or hands that just want and need extra attention. But you just have to wait until the first of the month to see what's in store. (Allow 30 minutes for this service.)

Price: $27 & Up

• Pedicure of the Month

Description: Just like the manicure of the month, but on your feet. Wearing shoes, standing for long periods, running around all day all takes a toll on your feet, the pedicure of the month reverses these effects and helps to leave feet looking and feeling rejuvenated. This pedicure not only includes feet but the legs are massaged and invigorated. The pedicure of the month will have your feet feeling new. (Allow 30 minutes for this service.)

Price: $40 & Up

• Manicure & Pedicure of the Month

(Allow 1hr for this service.)

Price: $60 & Up

• Gel Manicure

Price: $35 & Up

• Gel Pedicure

Price: $45 & Up

• Nail Services

Paraffin for the hands and feet: $10

This is a do-good, feel-good add on service for the hands and/or feet. The paraffin treatment is both beautifying and hydrating for the skin. Feet or hands are dipped into warm vitamin infused paraffin wax and then insulated in warm towels. Your skin will emerge glowing and feeling velvety to the touch.

Hot oil cuticle treatment: $10

Polish change: $7

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